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Flexible Working at QX


At QX, we believe in giving our employees more choice around where they work. That's why we're building a flexible company with three work options to choose from; @home, @office, and @hybrid.

Why Flexible Working

The world of work has changed. The COVID-19 crisis accelerated existing trends and caused organisations to reevaluate many aspects of work. Asking ‘where someone should work’ might be the wrong question. It is better to explore what unleashes a person’s potential, enabling them to be healthy and productive, regardless of where they work.

Objectives of our Flexible Work Models

Here’s what we’ve tried to achieve while designing the QX Work Models:

  • Providing work arrangements to support the business vision
  • Blending in-person & remote collaboration
  • Supporting a more transient workforce
  • Creating a positive employee experience
  • Work arrangement that is favourable to the customers and the business

A win-win situation for all

Here’s how everyone benefits with the Flexible Work Models at QX


  • Continuity of business
  • Resilience and agility
  • Lower overheads


  • Productivity & Performance
  • Effective Colaboration
  • Enhanced Recruitment & retention


  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced Job Satisfaction
  • Team Connect
  • Well being


  • Service Delivery
  • Data Protection
  • Ethical Practices

Flexible working at QX

Our work models aim to ensure that our workforce has the opportunity to be to work where they perform best – at home, in the office or a mix of both. Here’s how each one works.

  • You work most of your time from home or a location of your choice, ensuring productivity and security of data.
  • QX supports you in ensuring your remote work setup is safe and sets you up for success.
  • You get complete support for food, transportation and accommodation.
  • You come into one of the QX Global Offices. You have a dedicated desk, monitor, QX computer system, and anything else that makes your workspace truly yours.
  • This option considers our client's preferences too.
  • This is a combination of remote and on-site. You come into a QX office some weeks per year.
  • You are provided with a temporary desk when you come to the office.
  • You just have to carry your laptop while the admin department takes care of the rest.

We want our employees to choose the work preference that best suits their way of working. However, there may be scenarios where the selection of work arrangements is influenced by our client or business requirements. The final decision-making lies in the hands of your manager in such cases.

Here's how we ensure a smooth work experience for our clients & employees



  • Comprehensive and periodic business and operations risk assessments
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Smart KPIs based on CSAT and PX
  • All work models under a bubble of InfoSec and data protection compliance


  • Flexibility with accountability
  • Remote recruitment
  • Remote onboarding with smooth transitions between every element of an employee’s life-cycle
  • Various support initiatives by the QX Employee Experience Team, such as QX Wellness, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), etc., ensure employee welfare and engagement lies at the heart of our people experience.

Moreover, we use the best-in-class technology tools to ensure our employee experience is seamless. This includes HRM Systems, collaboration tools like MS Teams, Phone dialling systems, webinar platforms like Zoom, Mobile-device management systems, etc.

Candidate FAQs

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