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Pharma Recruitment Outsourcing

QX pharmacy recruitment solution delivers full life cycle offshore recruiting services to the pharmacy staffing firms based in the US. Our service aims to streamline and give your recruitment process agility enabling you to match staff levels to changing demands. We operate diligently at a rapid pace to supply the best-fit, culture-fit high-quality candidates to our clients based across various geographies in the US, including Texas, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Work with QX Pharmacy RPO Team

Our niche lies in linking healthcare and pharma staffing agencies to the pharmacy professionals in the US, using a combination of conventional and non-conventional recruiting and sourcing strategies that allow you to obtain the candidates for your hard-to-fill job roles as well as to fulfill large-scale engagements. We possess an updated candidate database of pharmacy experts operating at different levels, such as inpatient/outpatient pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy operation managers, and VPs and Directors of Pharmacies.

  • Deep understanding and experience to work across the full spectrum of the Pharmaceutical sector
  • Increased flexibility and capability that enables you to scale up your pharma recruitment service to cater efficiently to surging demands, and ramp down without incurring long-term costs during tight job market condition
  • Get help from our recruitment team whenever you need it with our Out-of-Hours support.
  • Gain enhanced agility and scalability with pharma recruiting, sourcing, and back-office & admin support from QX Global Group, one of the top recruitment outsourcing companies in India.

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