QX Global Group provides offshore full cycle recruitment services to the recruitment and staffing businesses within IT/Technology, Healthcare, Engineering, Life sciences, Healthcare, Education and HR & Secretarial sector. We excel at what we do for agencies within these industries and have excellent client stories around them.

Our bespoke outsourced recruitment solutions shall streamline and transform your talent acquisition process, enabling you to become highly agile and scalable, and a step ahead of your competition. Leverage complete 360° recruitment package we offer or improve parts of your process through individual services such as CV sourcing, Compliance check, Mid-office and Back-office admin management, and finance and accounting management.

We cater to top recruiting agencies from the following industries


As a leading recruitment process outsourcing providers with 17 years of experience in the business landscape, we have assisted top engineering recruitment companies in finding highly qualified and skilled candidates for different roles across the range of engineering sectors including manufacturing, energy, electronics, automotive, construction and rail.

We have processed high-volume as well as niche applications for engineering recruitment and staffing firms in the UK, enabling them to scale up their service delivery capability with ease. Our offshore team based in India serves as an extension of your in-house team providing full-cycle recruitment support which includes CV sourcing, compliance checking, booking management, payroll management, and so much more.

Outsource your engineering recruitment process to our offshore RPO team in India and let us help your agency source and recruit the best-fit engineers for your customers.


We have been providing healthcare recruitment outsourcing services since 2003 and have longstanding expertise within this sector. Whether you are looking for an out-of-hours team to cover your locum desk or hard-to-find doctors or nurses for your NHS Trust clients, our team knows what you need.

We will be at your service 24×7, operating as an extension of your in-house recruitment team, easing their burden by managing escalations or providing recruitment support during their off-hours, weekends, and bank holidays. Our offshore healthcare recruitment team has the necessary experience and expertise in managing locum bookings of doctors and nurses in high volume as well as sourcing healthcare professionals with hard-to-find skillsets.

Outsource your healthcare recruitment process to our offshore RPO team in India and let us help your agency source and recruit the best-fit doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals for your customers.

IT Recruitment

We provide a wide range of IT recruitment outsourcing services customised to meet your business requirements. Combining our technical excellence and in-depth understanding of the diverse IT recruitment market, we have helped recruitment agencies operating in the technology sector find the best quality and best-fit candidates.

With over 17 years of experience catering to IT recruitment agencies, our offshore RPO team in India remains updated with the everchanging technological landscape, continually trained to deliver the best staffing support. Catalysed by the latest tech, our team is equipped to provide high-volume recruitment support as well as help you source and recruit IT and tech candidates with niche skill sets. Moreover, we will help your business gain added agility, flexibility, and scalability to enable you to cope with the current volatile jobs market.

Outsource your IT recruitment process to our offshore RPO team in India and let us help your agency source and recruit the best-fit IT and other tech professionals for your customers.