QX Helping a leading healthcare recruitment agency


Helping a leading healthcare recruitment agency resolve payroll outsourcing problems


Our client is a UK-based, market leading healthcare recruitment agency.  As the majority of their work is for temporary contractors, they receive a large number of timesheets every week.  For smooth billing to the hospital and smooth payments to temporary healthcare contractors, it is imperative for the client to process timesheets accurately and on time.

Business challenge

Facing the challenge of a very high volume of timesheet processing requirements for healthcare contractors, the client realised that using payroll staff specialised in healthcare payroll could significantly improve accuracy of processing and enable them to deliver a better customer experience to both hospitals and contractors.

Aware of QX’s reputation as a leading payroll services provider for the UK healthcare recruitment sector, the client decided to outsource payroll processes to us. Whilst we had a detailed understanding of the processes, arrangements were made for our payroll managers and payroll executives to visit and work at the client’s site for 3 months to gain detailed insight to their way of working. During this process, we discovered these major issues:

  • The entire process for tracking and approving timesheets was MS Excel driven which was tedious and time-consuming, and this increased the chances of human errors;
  • The contractors were dissatisfied due to late payments, the limit of weekly processing and frequent errors;
  • Trusts and hospitals were unhappy with the high levels of incorrect invoices and frequency of adjustments.

How QX helped

Having worked for some of the biggest healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK, our payroll managers have a strong grasp on the best processes and standard practices. We also possess an in-depth understanding of the most effective software payroll systems for ease of implementation. In order to help our client benefit from reliable payroll services, we did the following:

  • Assisted the client in migrating to Merit payroll software – helping select relevant modules, integrate with the database and implement it;
  • Moved from the MS Excel based process to an automated process, making the most of Merit’s functionalities;
  • Helped the client shift from weekly payroll to daily payroll, ensuring that healthcare contactors are paid on a daily basis and daily invoicing helped in improved cash-flow;
  • Prevented adjustments by adhering to a midnight cut-off – we process timesheets received on any day by midnight and send to the client for review. The client’s team gets 2 hours to respond with amends before we run the payroll, nipping any errors in the bud.


  • 99.9% accuracy in timesheet processing – we rarely see any rejections of timesheets owing to processing errors.
  • Happier doctors and nurses as the time for processing and payment is lower owing to daily payments.
  • Hospitals are more satisfied with the greater focus on validating timesheet data which has led to fewer adjustments or overpayments.
  • Our client enjoys peace of mind and can focus on other critical tasks as we take care of processing a major portion of their timesheets.