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Market mapping is a necessity rather than a luxury for staffing companies, helping them identify and evaluate the candidates’ availability and demand around their target job market. It provides insights on the candidates’ geographical presence and allows you to gauge the potency of the locations where you may find the best-fit target candidates. It also gives provides information on talent skillsets, expectations and growth. This activity is vital for recruiting agencies in the US exploring new market and looking to gauge the skills, availability and locations of the target persona.

The market mapping process also consists of thorough competitor research and analysis, empowering you to find and recruit the best candidates in the market over your competitors. Proactively gauging and assessing the competitive landscape will help you better understand the market and prepare you for any potential volatility or weakness.

An offshore RPO partner with global reach could provide an excellent solution to staffing agencies seeking outsourced market mapping solution.

Why choose QX Recruitment Market Mapping solution

Traditional sourcing without any market research may make you miss out on the best-fit candidates who are almost unsearchable due to negligible data about them available over portals, boards or other channels. However, through intelligent market mapping, coupled with the latest tech and smart research leveraging digital channels, we can map the organizations and geographies with the best talents working in target sectors.

The RPO experts at QX Global Group are well acquainted with varying geographies. They have the necessary training and experience to perform the research, empowering your staffing agency to deliver service more efficiently while taking minimal risk.

This allows QX Global Group to help your business grow rapidly by tapping passive candidates who are not in any database. With organization mapping, our expert sourcers and recruiters build a niche database of high worth candidates who ideally fit-in for open roles that your recruitment agency is trying to fill in.

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