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One of the toughest, time-consuming preparatory tasks in the recruitment process is sourcing candidates. Getting a detailed CV for the vacant job position is no easy feat. There is no shortcut to getting best-suited candidates with a minimal turnaround time unless the process of candidate sourcing is performed diligently. With new sourcing channels and technology in the market, agencies are keen to speed up the talent sourcing process without limiting their quality, intending to cater to large volume requests, and scale up their talent acquisition capability.

This is where a partnership with an experienced RPO expert could prove valuable.

Why choose QX Recruitment Services as your preferred talent sourcing agency

At QX Recruitment Services, part of QX Global Group, we rely on appointing best resume searching and sourcing experts who are trained and have proven their mettle with previous projects. Once we get the resumes, we organize and segregate the CVs in internal or client database systems per their relevance to open job positions.

Sourcing engineers on a large scale or sourcing IT specialists with niche skillsets, regardless of the location, whether it’s California, Texas, or New Jersey, QX is equipped to help you attract the best talent in this candidate-short market. Our candidate sourcing outsourcing support allows your workforce to focus on delivering the topline. At the same time, you get the best candidates sourced for your open job roles.

Our talent sourcing professionals are equipped with the latest tools and platforms to deliver superior resume sourcing service – a rich internal database of candidates, online job portals, premium job boards, web communities, forums, social media, and other digital recruiting platforms.

Helped a tech staffing firm generate placements worth $763k through outsourced candidate sourcing support
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Strategic benefits of outsourcing talent sourcing process to QX Recruitment Services:

Faster resourcing through active sourcing enables you to cater to high-volume requests
Build high-quality talent pool with efficient passive sourcing activities
Deliver improved candidate experience
Brings agility and flexibility to the process
Scale up or down with ease to meet changing market demands
Save Money
Work with a team of experienced and trained offshore sourcing experts in a dedicated model

Scale up the candidate sourcing capability of your staffing firm and boost your topline revenue.

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