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Bespoke candidate sourcing strategies built to meet niche & high-volume demands

Outsourced candidate sourcing services to scale capacity bottlenecks cost efficiently

One of the toughest, time-consuming preparatory tasks in the recruitment process is sourcing candidates. There is no shortcut to getting the best-suited candidates with a minimal turnaround time unless the process of candidate sourcing is performed diligently. With new sourcing channels and technology in the market, agencies are keen to speed up the talent sourcing process without limiting their quality, intending to cater to large volume requests and scale their talent acquisition capability.

Whether you need to source engineers on a large scale or IT specialists with niche skillsets, our offshore candidate sourcing services will help you attract and recruit the best talent, even in a market reeling from skills shortages. Our talent sourcing professionals are equipped with the latest tools and platforms to deliver superior resume sourcing service – a rich internal database of candidates, online job portals, premium job boards, web communities, forums, social media, and other digital recruiting platforms.

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Our Talent Sourcing Solution Includes

Why Choose QX as your preferred talent sourcing agency:

  • Meet High volume Recruitment Demands: Faster resourcing through active sourcing enables you to cater to high-volume requests
  • Build Quality Talent Pool: Build high-quality candidate database with efficient passive sourcing activities
  • Build Scalable Business Model: Scale up or ramp down your offshore team swiftly to meet changing business demands
  • Improve Recruiting Process: Our offshore support brings efficiency, agility and flexibility to your resourcing process
  • Cost Savings: Save money on overheads and other administrative expenses with outsourced business model
  • Improved Onshore Focus: Our offshore support allows your onshore workforce to focus on delivering the topline

Our Talent Sourcing Solution Includes

  • Candidate Mapping
  • Candidate Pipelining
  • Industry Centric Talent Sourcing
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Dedicated Offshore Team
  • Candidate Management & Tracking
  • Out-of-Hours Support



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Yes, our services are bespoke to meet client requirements. Moreover, you can ramp down or scale up your offshore project to meet your changing business needs, and the pricing will shift accordingly. Integrating offshore model with your onshore is not just affordable, but highly profitable.

The cost of one offshore sourcer starts at $1499 per month. The cost may vary depending your requirements.

Outsourcing recruitment resourcing process gives your staffing agency added agility, flexibility and scalability, while also helping you reduce costs on overheads and administration expenses.

Our resourcing service includes talent pool building and management support, allowing you to build an in-house pool of quality active and passive candidates, segmented per their positions, industry, salary, experience or other factors that meet your requirements.

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