Practice transformation

Build a roadmap for the future by implementing the right tech stack

A well-rounded cutting edge tech stack enables you to explore newer growth opportunities

At QXAS, we earnestly believe in the power of technology to change the world for the better. We therefore make use of state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest accounting and taxation software to maximize productivity, accuracy and all-round efficiency of our processes.

As an accounting practice, you cannot stay away from the benefits that digital transformation brings to the table. The lowest hanging fruit that you can pluck with technology enablement is do more work and spend less time doing this work. With our practice transformation advisory services, you can go a step further and experience a wealth of strategic benefits. You can add more services to your portfolio, add new clients and also retain existing clients.

Looking for expert advice for transforming your practice and making it more competitive?

Let’s Talk

1. Scope of work

Thorough technology audit to identify tech gaps
Identifying and evaluating the right accounting tech that aligns with practice needs
Deployment of chosen tech stack
Tech stack maintenance and support

2. What you must provide

Information about your accounting services
Information about current software usage
Information about limitation of current tech
A list of your tech needs and objectives from tech deployment
List of practice transformation goals

3. Reports we provide

Technology audit
Maintenance and support