Mergers & Acquisitions

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Navigate the complexities of merger and acquisition with QXAS

At QXAS, our M&A specialists recognize that each deal is unique and has its specific challenges. With demonstrable expertise of having helped accounting firms with their M&A needs, we should be your first and last port of call to help you deliver a successful experience for your clients. We offer a mix of deep seated business experience and expertise that spans all aspects of M&A including due diligence reporting, earning analysis, taxation and much more. Our outsourcing service brings together the best of human talent and cutting edge technology that results in meaningful insights around the deal, that helps deliver more value to all stakeholders.

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1. Scope of work

Financial and tax due diligence investigation
Evaluating quality of earnings
Working capital and other purchase adjustments analysis
Liquidity and cash flow management
Managing tax structure
Identifying ideal tax preparation methods
Tax structure preparation
Forensic accounting

2. What you must provide

Complete details of valuation of target entity
Earnings report
Liabilities report (tax, employment etc.)
Taxation report (buyer and seller)
Comprehensive financial reporting (buyer and seller)
Comprehensive management reporting (buyer and seller)
Transition service agreements
All other documents that are a part of QXAS checklist

3. Reports we provide

M&A analysis and evaluation
Tax structuring/re-structuring
Any other predetermined and pre-identified report