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Resourcing & Screening

Resourcing & Screening

Scalable Support to Source and Screen Candidates Efficiently

Outsourced Resourcing and Screening Services to recruit the best-fit candidates

Traditional methods of candidate attraction techniques such as job boards and endless robotic sourcing calls may have helped you acquire candidates in the past. But with increased digital technology usage and elevated focus on customer experience in business practice, candidate sourcing has undergone extensive overhaul over the last decade. While the traditional methods still work, especially to hire applicants actively seeking employment, new resourcing and pre-screening techniques have come into play to attract active job seekers as well as passive candidates, ones who are not seeking new job opportunities proactively.

QX support allows you to build an agile workforce that takes care of your resourcing and pre-employment screening process, providing you with operating flexibility that allows you to scale or ramp down based on business demands. Our data-driven approach towards managing and optimising candidate sourcing and screening process enables you to swiftly expand your talent pools with higher quality candidates and accelerate speed-to-hire with increased cost efficiency. Fundamental communication values such as persuasion and emotional intelligence take the front seat to master the art of conversation required to succeed in talent sourcing. Keeping the human element intact, we also equip our team with the most effective recruitment technology, leveraging candidate sourcing and pre-screening tools to ensure timely and precise service delivery

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Why Choose QX as your preferred Resourcing

Why Choose QX as your preferred Resourcing & Screening Partner:

  • Source High Quality Candidates: We take all the due diligence necessary to ensure we deliver the best-fit candidates, which includes verifying candidate information, conducting background checks, and ensuring their right-to-work status.
  • Improve Time-to-Hire: Outsourced sourcing and screening support allows you to work with a dedicated team of experienced resourcing experts that improve your talent acquisition speed and efficiency.
  • Ensure Talent Compliance: Ensure candidates meet your clients’ job requirements and are compliant to local regulations in operational geographies.
  • Work with Trained Specialists: At QX, we train our recruitment and sourcing experts to deliver the most excellent candidate experience in their engagement with clients and applicants.

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

It’s been a year since we started our offshore team in India, and what a great journey it has been. I think we can all agree that it has worked really well, and we now could never imagine not having our friends & colleagues in India as part of our family. Thanks for all of your hard work for making this project a successful reality.

~ Managing Director of a Tech Staffing Firm


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Yes, our services are bespoke to meet client requirements. Moreover, you can ramp down or scale up your offshore project to meet your changing business needs, and the pricing will shift accordingly. Integrating offshore model with your onshore is not just affordable, but highly profitable.

The cost of one offshore sourcing expert starts at £1050 per month. The cost may vary depending on your requirements.

Outsourcing recruitment resourcing process gives your staffing agency added agility, flexibility and scalability, while also helping you reduce costs on overheads and administration expenses.

Our resourcing service includes talent pool building and management support, allowing you to build an in-house pool of quality active and passive candidates, segmented per their positions, industry, salary, experience or other factors that meet your requirements.

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