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Scale up your candidate resourcing capability – Source, screen and recruit the best-fit candidates.

Traditional methods of candidate attraction techniques such as job boards and endless robotic sourcing calls may have helped you acquire candidates in the past. But with increased digital technology usage and elevated focus on customer experience in business practice, candidate sourcing has undergone extensive overhaul over the last decade. While the traditional methods still work, especially to hire applicants actively seeking employment, new candidate sourcing techniques and strategies have come into play to attract active job seekers as well as passive candidates, ones who are not seeking new job opportunities proactively.

Outsourcing and offshoring practice forms an integral part of many fast-growing businesses.

Outsourcing candidate sourcing process carries numerous benefits:

Reduced cost & time per hire
Improved candidate sourcing effectiveness
High turnover
Gain financial stability and safety
Guaranteed employment compliance
Competitive advantage

With several talent sourcing tactics at their disposal, our trained team of sourcing experts are well equipped to fill your agency’s permanent and temporary job requisition. Delivering a positive candidate experience is ingrained at the core of this team. Whether you need to fulfil urgent vacancies or build a talent pool, take help from QX Global Group offshore candidate sourcing service to meet your client’s hiring needs with ease.

With QX offshore candidate sourcing service, client hiring managers get to work with a dedicate RPO team; a team of sourcers and recruiters interviewed and handpicked by you. You can pick a team comprising of active and passive sourcing experts. While passive sourcers can help you fulfil hard-to-fill positions and prepare talent pool for future job positions, active sourcers can cater to immediate job requirements. This team functions as an extension of your in-house recruitment team, available round the clock, to swiftly deliver quality and relevant talent to fulfil your job requisition.

Active CV Sourcing service to meet your immediate needs

We have trained specialists proficient in using major popular ATS tech and CV sourcing techniques. It helps us stay focused on identifying the targeted set of talents. As one of the biggest RPO companies in India specialised in CV sourcing and placing candidates for top staffing business in the UK; we have continually delivered value and millions of pounds worth of business revenue through our active CV sourcing services.

Based on the job specifications, our dedicated team of resume/cv sourcing professionals delve deep into premium job boards, web communities, forums, and your internal database to find the best possible candidates. We can search for candidates based on a range of parameters such as job title, experience, skill, location, salary, etc. With advance resume/cv search, we ensure the candidate’s profile matches the required skillset and strengths. Before presenting the sourced resume/cv, it is important to know the candidate’s availability for a particular shift or a job change. Our sourcing experts proactively keep a check on candidate availability to simplify the process and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Passive CV Sourcing service for Candidate Database Regeneration

Sourcing activities are guided by pre-defined search criterion but for few industries and several in-demand roles; sourcing experts have to improvise and take meticulous measures to find and entice passive candidates. Our vast industry experience has enabled us to understand that passive candidate should be approached differently. They require more ‘People’ skills and therefore, we have cross-trained our teams for the purpose.

Our professionals rely on everything right from specialised training in talent sourcing, using social networking sites and industry-specific forums and groups to find and source passive candidates, ensuring you can fill specialised niche roles fast and with confidence. We heavily rely on referrals and our long term relationship with thousands of candidates who help us quickly build candidate pipeline of passive candidates for IT and engineering domain. This practice is critical to talent pooling and candidate database regeneration as well.

Why QX:

At QX Global Group, we train our recruitment and sourcing experts to deliver the most excellent candidate experience in their engagement with clients and applicants. Fundamental communication values such as persuasion and emotional intelligence take the front seat to master the art of conversation required to succeed in talent sourcing. Keeping the human element intact, we also equip our team with the most effective recruitment technology, leveraging candidate sourcing tools and software to ensure timely and precise service delivery.

Our candidate sourcing experts will help you to:

Source the most relevant talent to plug immediate job positions in less time
Source the most relevant candidates to build a quality talent pool
Fill hard-to-fill positions
Advertise vacancies on the most recognised job boards
Source candidates leveraging referrals
Source candidates through internal and third-party recruitment database
Use social media, forums and industry-specific channels for advertising and finding candidates
Draft and dispatch engaging sourcing emails
Pass only the best-matched candidates to you
Scale up your Candidate Sourcing capability with QX Global Group

Does your recruitment database lack quality candidates?

Our offshore team of active and passive sourcing experts can help you build a high-quality talent pool.

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