MSP VMS Recruitment

MSP VMS Recruitment Service

Scale up your contingent workforce management process with our Managed Service Support.

The business landscape is changing, remote work and gig economy is becoming part of the norm, and organisations are shifting towards building an agile and flexible workforce. We are looking at organisations creating a new business model consisting of contingent workforce operating remotely or from office space in flexible hours.

Recruitment and talent management of this new-look complex workforce isn’t easy – ensuring compliance, managing shift bookings and timesheets, controlling and maintaining costs, guaranteeing quality on a consistent basis is strenuous and demanding. Outsourced offshore Managed Service Program offered by QX Global Group helps you offer data-driven full-cycle recruitment strategy and contigent workforce management solutions to organisations seeking flexibility, agility and scalability.

Managed Service Program (MSP) is when a third-party provider oversees all the 360° recruitment processes, including CV sourcing, talent engagement, and back-office administrative tasks of non-permanent candidates. QX Global Group provides offshore MSP service to recruitment agencies based in the UK, US and several other geographies across the world.

QX Global Group outsourced MSP service will:

Drive efficiencies across the recruitment process chain
Contribute to direct and indirect cost savings
Streamline the recruitment process and save time
Improve the quality of hires
Help you efficiently manage supply channel flow and performance of non-permanent workforce through thorough reporting and tracking
Take complete control of all your recruitment supply channels with QX MSP Recruitment Support

The temporary staffing management program is run through a singular Vendor Management System (VMS) which covers all aspects of the 360° recruitment process including management of candidate submissions, interviews, job offers, timesheets and billings.

Does your agency need help managing contingent and temp staffing processes?