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QX Time & Expense Management

Time & Expense Management Service

Simplify Time & Expense Entry and Management Process for your Recruitment Business.

Even amidst the current technological revolution, many recruiting and staffing firms continue to rely on manual systems that are erroneous, slow and exhausting to complete numerous activities around finance and HR functions. For instance, employees or contractors are still required to manually fill in spreadsheet templates to submit expense data or managers still sign off approvals on paper-based documents. These manual activities add to the administrative overheads and increase the probability of errors.

Outsourcing back-office and mid-office HR activities such as time and expense management to RPO agencies based on offshore locations such as India can significantly impact your business process’s productivity, speed, and efficiency. These recruitment process outsourcing companies process applications and manage candidates worldwide in high volume, which is why they are well equipped with automation and digitalisation tech that allows them to process applications and candidates on a large scale worldwide. Leveraging outsourced time and expense management service will help you save labour cost and other redundant administrative expenses and elevate your employee and contractor satisfaction levels with efficient time and attendance system.

QX Global Group offers outsourced T&E management service to efficiently manage your candidates’ productive hours and expense payments.

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QX Time & Expense management outsourcing service helps recruitment and staffing firms monitor labour costs by providing dedicated resources for support and tools that help employees track their working hours and expenses, automate approval for reimbursement requests and provide access to detail reports that allow tracking and continuous optimisation of the overall process.

Whether your agency deals in temporary or permanent staffing, whether it uses in-house or third-party payroll and attendance systems – our T&E tools seamlessly integrate with any HR, payroll, AP, or AR platforms without any hassles. Our offshore team will help you set up roster, shifts, and other functionalities customised as per your business requirements. We will provide you with a crisp and detailed report that consists of information around your candidate’s productive/ non-productive working hours, manager approval/rejections, time of entry/ exit etc.

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