Payroll management: Staff payroll

Payroll Management: Staff Payroll Service

Scale up your back office capability with QX Recruitment Payroll Outsourcing Service.

Rapid expansion is one of the critical goals of recruitment organisations. With a widespread workforce based in numerous geographies, hailing from different expertise, and working on permanent, temporary, locum or contract basis, your staffing firm can achieve great success. But such extensive workforce also brings with it a substantial challenge of payroll management. Handling payroll of such a workforce could present your agency with an unprecedented challenge. The constantly evolving UK government regulations, compliance and filing requirements make recruitment payroll processing one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks for recruiting companies in the UK.

Your in-house team could find themselves distracted from your core bottom-line business functions, spending more time and efforts towards handling paperwork instead of focusing on revenue-generating tasks. So why not outsource payroll process to an offshore RPO expert?

Why QX

With 14+ years of experience, we have delivered outsourced payroll solutions to some of the UK’s largest recruitment and staffing agencies in the UK, helping them make prompt and accurate payments to your staff and contractors maintaining their reputation as a top employer and contract recruiting company. Working with our offshore payroll team not only eases the burden of your inhouse team but also reduces your company’s operating cost by up to 50%, while also significantly elevating your payroll process management proficiency.

We specialise in catering to high-volume payroll processing requests, processing over 1,000,000 timesheets annually. Our outsourced recruitment payroll service is ideal for agencies looking to gain enhanced scalability and operating agility to cope with the volatile market. We also aid SMEs and startup businesses seeking support to setup payroll process but can’t invest in payroll software or hire specialised in-house staff.

Through our payroll outsourcing services, we eliminate process inefficiencies, improve reporting and reduce overheads while also enhancing employee experience and employer brand. Our services include:

Pay & bill (daily/weekly/monthly)
Timesheet processing
Gross margin report
Intermediaries reporting
Dealing with payroll queries
Running BACS Report
Generation of payslips
RTI submission
Client invoicing
Payroll helpdesk

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