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QX Credit Control

Credit Control

Outsourced Credit Control Service for Recruitment Agencies in the UK

Credit Control experts are critical to any business – they optimise cash flow, reduce bad debts, contribute to healthy profits, and enable companies to operate efficiently and prosper. Without them, the companies would struggle or fail to reach their full potential. However, suitable inhouse credit controllers are hard to find, and the one with that fit your requirements may be expensive. So, it is essential you work with the right resource to manage and look after your recruitment agency’s cash flow.

You can consider availing outsourced credit control service provided by RPO agencies based in offshore locations. Not only will it reduce your business overheads, but it will also allow you to work with a dedicated team of experts with extensive experience and training.

QX Global Group offers bespoke recruitment credit control outsourcing service to recruiting and staffing companies in the UK.

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Why QX

At QX, our offshore team ensures that your organisation’s cash flow moves seamlessly, and you receive your payments promptly with strict adherence to credit control best practices and process excellence. At the same time, our staff takes up a high-touch approach in their communication with your clients, intending to strengthen your relationship with them.

Customised for your staffing business, our staff takes up a structured and targeted approach to manage your credit control process. From the beginning, we coordinate with you to determine and define a chasing plan, with regulations set for credit limit and the frequency of reminders to be sent to the client through various channels such as emails, letters, fax and phone calls. Detailed reporting weekly and monthly with measurable data on performance metrics will give you precise and transparent information on cost reductions and improvement in the credit-control process.


Our recruitment Credit Control Outsourcing service includes

Customer master data management
  • Setting up new customer account by using customer setup form
  • Filling new supplier form for customers
  • Amendments to existing master records
  • Periodically credit check for international and domestic customers both new/existing


Calling customers

  • Courtesy calls for receipt of invoices
  • Reminder calls for invoices getting due
  • Chaser calls for overdue invoices
  • Follow up calls for payments
  • Reminder calls for missing remittances
  • Updating notes against invoices after the call


Email Customers

  • Sending statement of outstanding invoices
  • Reminder emails for due invoices
  • Chaser emails for overdue invoices
  • Follow up emails for payment reminders
  • Final reminder emails


Dispute Management

  • Liaising with consultants to resolve dispute related to rate difference
  • Chasing po’s with consultants and/or end clients
  • Collaborating with internal billing team to resolve any issues related to invoice
  • Liaising with ap team at end client to resolve any queries or to get payment approvals
  • Reconciliation of accounts with outstanding customer statements
  • Adjustment/credit note management
  • Resolving unbilled amount on selfbill accounts
  • Maintaining query log and monitoring it


Cash posting and allocation

  • Download and posting of daily receipts
  • Cash allocation for open invoices for selfbill and direct accounts


90+ aged debt reduction

  • Helping clients in reducing their 90+ aged debt by using best-in-class practices
  • Help clients in reducing bad-debts



  • Daily cash collection tracker by controllers vs cash targets
  • Quarterly slc report
  • Monthly cash hedging report
  • Monthly top 10 debtors report
  • Monthly aging report vs aging target
  • Monthly invoice and credit report
  • Monthly dso reporting
  • Unallocated cash report vs target
  • Kpi reporting for the credit control and cash application team
  • Performance dashboard with excel and powerbi capabilities
  • Ageing report with comments for sticky debtors
  • Provision for bad debts


Support services external auditors

  • We support in payment or invoice audits done by banks.
  • We provide allocation details with its remittance to succeed in audits

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