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Accounts Payable Service

Bring precision and speed to the Accounts Payable process of your agency.

For recruitment agency managing tons of thousands of candidates and working with hundreds of clients and vendors, processing invoices in high volumes and other accounts payable documentation can be extremely tiresome, time-consuming, and expensive. Moreover, the accounts payable process significantly impacts your company’s cash flow, supplier and vendor relationships, and everchanging regulatory compliances. Yet they struggle to manage and streamline accounts payable process, leading to damaging discrepancies and inefficiencies within the organisation.

One solution companies must adopt is to move away from manual data entry on paper-based documents to adopting digital tech to streamline and speed up the AP processing. Staffing companies that are unable to bear the expense of integrating digital tech within their organisation or build an in-house team with right experts can outsource accounts payable process to offshore experts who have a team of trained and experienced experts with access to the latest technology. This practice would help you save hefty overheads from the inhouse tech and resources expense while also give your recruiting business added scalability, agility, and flexibility. You can partner up with us, QX Global Group, and work with our offshore RPO team based in India.

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Accounts Payable Why QX

Why QX

QX will support your agency by bringing efficiency to your process, streamlining numerous tasks, including invoice scanning, matching, authenticating, and approving. Even if you receive invoices in different formats (paper document, email, fax), our offshore accounts payable team will consolidate these incoming invoices and ensure they are processed through a singular connection. QX accounts payable outsourced service delivers process excellence, standardised practice, and smart application of automation. We will help you improve and streamline working capital management and bring visibility to your financial liabilities through our service.

Through our service, your organisation can explore new opportunities around cost savings, elevating compliance levels, strengthening controls and build smoother long-term supplier relationships.


Our outsourced accounts payable service for recruitment agencies includes:

  • Supplier invoice processing with weekly payment run
  • Supplier liaison and query management, ledger reconciliation and sending remittance advice
  • Intercompany sales processing with monthly payment run
  • Uk & international staff expense – verification, bookkeeping and payment runs
  • 2nd tier supplier payments (supplier related to direct cost)

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