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Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting

Streamline and enhance your agency’s finance & accounting process efficiency

QX Global Group’s offshore RPO team based in India provides end-to-end finance and accounting outsourcing services to recruitment and staffing agencies in the UK.

In today’s business landscape, CFOs, finance leaders and other in-house finance & accounting resources are expected to participate actively in shaping growth strategies, rather than spending their time working on repetitive, time-consuming daily tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll management, credit control, reporting etc.

With 17 years of experience, our offshore team of 300+ accounting and finance specialists, supported by the latest technology, will streamline and transform your finance functions while maintaining the highest process standards and efficiency.


Accounts Payable
Outsource accounts payable process to get it streamlined and automated, and ensure steady cash flow while maintaining positive supplier relationships and adherence to regulatory compliances.

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Pay & Bill
Outsource pay & bill process to reduce processing costs and gain enhanced operating agility and scalability with strict compliance to most-updated legislation.

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Payroll Management
Cater to high-volume payroll and payroll query requests with ease, making payments and receiving them promptly and efficiently while boosting payroll process management efficiency.

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Credit Control
Optimise cash flow and reduce bad debts without damaging your relationship with your customers, and keep your business healthy and fruitful for the long run.

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Management Accounts
Gain precise financial information through our well detailed and easy to read management accounting reports that facilitate the decision-making process around business strategy.

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Time & Expense Management
Simplify, streamline, automate, and continually optimise your candidates’ and contractors’ time and expense entry and management process of your recruitment agency.

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