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Reference Chasing

Boost candidate credibility with outsourced QX reference check & chase service.

Reference checking is an effective means to gauge candidate quality and reliability. It is also a means to weed out applicants who may not be as qualified as their CV might suggest or may not be a right fit your company culture. Such discrepancies might not show clearly in an interview. There are many job seekers in the market currently. The competition is fierce for niche job roles, which may make some candidates exaggerate their credentials to stay ahead of their competition and land the role.

Chasing references to conduct proper reference checks can be time-consuming and exhaustive for hiring managers, but if you cut corners in making these efforts and fail to cross-check and ask essential questions, you may not get to know the real candidate until it’s too late. Whether the reference check highlights poor performance, reveals an exaggeration or reaffirms his experience and qualifications, it is a critical step in the hiring process, which sheds light on the candidate’s skill-fit and culture-fit essentials.

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Why QX

Our experienced and well-trained offshore recruitment team have conducted over 5 million reference checks for recruitment agencies specialised in healthcare, IT, engineering, and several other industries. Our team adopts a high-touch conversational approach, eliciting through response, continually probing with questions to extract precise and detailed information. Our offshore team is skilled at chasing references with persistence, minus pester, and ensure reference check is complete with minimal turnaround time.

It’s not just the experience and approach that gives us an added edge in reference chasing, but also an investment in technology that has helped us move ahead with time, streamlining and speeding up the process, and delivering accurate reference checks at a rapid rate. Partner up with QX Global Group for reference check & chase service and work with our recruitment process outsourcing team based in India to maximise your reference check process’s efficiency and scale up your service delivery capability.

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