Database & Portal Management Service

Optimise your talent database and scale up your recruitment service delivery capacity.

Your recruiting database and portal is your potential goldmine, which needs special, dedicated care from experts.

All the top recruitment and staffing companies have their own ATS and candidate database comprising millions of active and passive candidates hailing from different sectors with different expertise and working on contractual or permanent positions. Referrals and sourcing candidates from the ATS remain one of the most preferred and effective sourcing strategies for staffing agencies. This recruiting database holds a lot of value for businesses for if managed, updated and organised well; it can optimise and speed up the candidate search process, reduce the turnaround time and contribute to their bottom-line growth. If left alone, it can get cluttered, unorganised, outdated and result in substantial business loss.  

Why QX:

The trained offshore RPO team of QX global Group has extensive experience of 14 years managing third party ATS and in-house candidate database of healthcare, IT, engineering, and other recruitment agencies in the UK. Our team continually optimises your talent database, ensuring your business generates significant direct and indirect gross profit and benefits from it. Our recruitment database and portal optimisation consist of, but not limited to, the following activities:

Candidate tagging, i.e., segmenting candidates based on skills, experience, availability etc. for easy search and source.
Reviving and updating outdated CVs for renewed talent search and availability check.
Eliminating duplicate profiles to filter and clean up the CV database.
Generating new blood, i.e., adding new candidates to your active database and portal.
Is the unorganised CV database hampering your recruitment business growth? We can help you!

An optimised candidate database can scale up your staffing capacity manifold.

Our database optimisation and management experts can help you achieve just that.

Let us help you scale up