Out-of-Hours Recruitment Services

Out-of-Hours Recruitment Services

Keep your staffing service running through non-working hours, weekends and bank holidays

Outsourced Out-of-Hours Recruitment Services that keep your business running 24×7

QX Global Group has established and perfected its approach to meet our clients’ needs and deliver services at a time that’s convenient for candidates and clients. We provide 365 days, 24 X 7 Out-of-Hours Recruitment Services for full life cycle recruiting & resume sourcing functions to ensure your requirements are met at all times. Our out-of-hours recruiting experts are available when you are not; like the evenings, weekends and bank holidays when your teams hope for a well-earned rest.

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For Candidates

More often than not, recruiters and sourcers find it difficult to engage with candidates because of their unavailability during working hours. The candidates request a call after working hours or over the weekend. This concern becomes a challenge when the communication is critical, revolving around compliance, reference check or temp shift booking. This lack of coordination may result in poor candidate experience and impact time to hire.

Our OOH support team can schedule and attend calls post regular business working hours, on bank holidays, early morning or even over the weekend. QX Out of Hours full-cycle recruiting service also improves the client capability to undertake compliance tasks and deliver positive candidate experience.


For Clients

QX OOH team supports you in catering to end clients providing short notice bookings like locum medical recruitment agencies. The team is equipped to deliver numerous recruiting tasks, including managing bookings, escalations, cancellations, DNAs (Did Not Arrive) and many more.

THE OOH team provides a handover report to the client on a daily basis to keep them updated on the progress made or tasks accomplished. The team has the skill and experience to run out-of-hours service and expand your staffing business’s reach and service delivery capability.

Why choose QX as your preferred OOH staffing partner

Why choose QX as your preferred OOH staffing partner

  • Business Growth: With scaled service delivery capacity that overcomes time constraints, there is an improved scope for rapid business growth
  • Onshore Extension: The offshore team complements your onshore team, reducing their workload and address escalations even during non-working hours
  • Elevated Service Delivery Capability: With 24×7 support, you can scale your service delivery capability and meet high volume staffing demands with ease
  • Improved Candidate Experience: Speak with candidates at times convenient to them instead of troubling them during their working hours
  • Improved Operating Flexibility: The specialised hybrid service delivery model allows you to operate during crises or uncertain conditions.

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