Fixed Assets

Seamless asset management achieved through outsourced fixed assets service


Owing to more business-critical tasks at hand, companies often struggle with managing and maintaining their fixed assets – failing to track the location, quantity, condition, and maintenance and depreciation status.

Backed by rich industry experience, QX Global Group offers a comprehensive Fixed Assets Management service that allows businesses to set up a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining an accurate and reliable fixed asset inventory.

Planning to outsource your company’s Fixed Asset Management?


Outsourcing Solutions for Timely Asset Maintenance & Management

Industry Expertise

Benefit from QX’s rich industry experience to set up a team of skilled asset managers for your business

End-to-end Compliance

Avoid penalties and missed deadlines by partnering up with a compliance-driven team of professionals

Reduced Cost & Time

Add agility to your asset-related processes and reduce asset management costs by adapting a cost-effective outsourcing model

Customised Reporting

Gain access to regular & in-depth asset reports, delivered in formats suited to meet your organisational needs

Fixed Assets Service Offerings

Ensure seamless asset management & maintenance with QX’s Fixed Assets Service

Master Data Maintenance

Gain better control you’re your fixed asset management process by tracking & maintaining all fixed asset activities

M&As and Asset Consolidation

Experience ease of transition through business mergers & acquisitions and consolidate all organisational fixed assets

Depreciation Accounting

Estimate and calculate wear and tear on business assets to identify accurate fixed assets depreciation

Software Capabilities

The QX Global Group works with industry standard software to manage and maintain your company’s fixed assets. We also work with any additional software that might suit your business needs.

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