Purchase Order System

Automate the ordering process, improve order tracking, generate accurate reports, simplify budget allocation, and create an audit trail.

Email or paper-driven ordering and approval is not only time consuming, but also prone to errors. QX PO System helps to digitise the process, providing better visibility on business spending and making it easier to track purchases throughout the organisation.

With QX PO System you can handle orders from multiple locations, digitise/automate the ordering process, improve order tracking, generate accurate reports, simplify budget allocation, and create an audit trail for better visibility.

Streamline and digitise your accounts payable process

Get no surprise invoices – 100% order confirmation as both vendor and employee receive copies
Maintain supply levels to meet demand at all times and manage your orders to maintain optimum stock levels
Increased purchase order accountability through better reporting
Improve budget management through quick and simple visibility of cash flow
0% invoice discrepancy and duplicate orders get almost totally eliminated

Customised, accessible and easy to manage

Customised approval workflow

Quick and easy online approval system with multiple-authorisation feature that emails relevant authorisers for approval when a purchase order is created or updated.

Easy to track

Intuitive and structured system to track purchase order approvals for spending. Organises all purchasing and spends to generate in-depth reports.

Receive full or partial purchase orders

Possible to update the purchase order in case only a part of the order has been received – the system will automatically update the number of outstanding items.

Multiple locations and currency

Support for multiple locations and currencies, with different rules, users and costs – from a single, centralised system. Create separate budget allocations and reports locations.

Modular integration

Integrate the Purchase Order System with your ERP and existing applications for ordering, accounts payable and data entry.

Tailored to your needs

Tailor the PO template to match with your existing processes and branding. You can also set specific currencies for different sets of suppliers. The solution will automatically calculate prices based on set currency rates.

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Automating the purchase order system of a student accommodation business