Master Vendor Data Parser

Master Vendor Data Parser automates the process of downloading timesheets from master vendor portals to reduce payroll processing turnaround time and increase efficiency.


Downloading timesheets data from master vendor portals is often time consuming – especially when you are processing thousands of timesheets every week.

Using master vendor data parser, payroll admins simply press a button to download, format data in predefined template, and store it in a predefined location. With API integration, the data can be uploaded directly to the payroll software.

Automate downloads and formatting for master vendor management

20-25% reduction in payroll processing time for downloading and formatting files
24/7 processing – create a scheduler to run the bot at any time of the day
Fully automated – no manual data entry required and therefore no human errors
No duplicate entries – eliminates duplicate entries with real time job matching
Exception handling – generates error report which can be used to prevent future errors

Customisable, easy to use and extendable

Integrates with payroll system

Using APIs, it is possible to integrate the system with the payroll software. This makes it possible to automatically push the data into the payroll system for processing.

Save data in required format

Automatically extracts the data from downloaded Excel files and fills it into the predefined templates, ensuring standard data for further processing.


As the tool automates the same actions that were previously taken by human workers, it doesn’t require any major changes to the client’s existing systems.

Easy to configure

The system is flexible enough to extract data from different types of web portals. In addition, if the process flow changes, the system can be easily configured to accommodate the changes.

Runs in the background

The system can run in the background while your staff is working on other tasks. Also, it can work 24/7 – at any time of the day. Its frequency can be adjusted: daily, twice a week, weekly.

Highly scalable

Significantly boosts team productivity and can be easily scaled when the number of timesheets or portal increase.

Automating vendor management downloading for a leading recruitment agency

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