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Topics: 360 Recruitment, Full Cycle Recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Cycle Recruiting

Posted on May 20, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

Full Cycle Recruiting Pros and Cons

The full cycle recruiting model is popularly used by small and large organizations for talent acquisition strategy. It is a hiring strategy where one recruiter or one hiring team handles the entire recruitment life cycle, including all stages of 360 recruitment. A full cycle recruiter is alone accountable for the process from job posting to candidate sourcing, interviews to onboarding.

Full life cycle recruiting leads to hiring efficiencies and higher accountability but may not be the best hiring strategy for every organization. 360 recruitment has become a challenging practice in this rapidly evolving recruitment industry. A 360 recruitment consultant requires a multitude of skills to handle each stage of the recruitment cycle.

Therefore, many staffing firms outsource full cycle recruiting to recruitment outsourcing companies. It allows them to scale operations, induce hiring efficiency into their business and overcome the challenges of 360 recruitment to hire the best candidates.

But before you decide which hiring model is best suited to your business needs, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of full cycle recruiting below.

Advantages of Full Cycle Recruiting

  1. Control & Accountability

One of the most significant advantages of a 360 recruitment model is control.  Full cycle recruiting allows complete control over the entire recruitment process, and there is only a single person or single team handling all its aspects. The relationship between the recruiter, client, and candidate remains strong because one point of contact throughout the hiring cycle results in better communication and accountability.

The employer or hiring manager can easily control all aspects of the hiring process as only one recruiter is handling all job postings, sourcing, screening, selection, and onboarding activities. There is transparency and clarity over who is responsible in case of delays and mistakes.

  1. Positive Candidate Experience

The importance of creating a good candidate experience cannot be undermined as that directly impacts the company’s image in the job market. A great way to ensure a positive candidate experience is to have a single point of contact throughout the recruitment cycle.

Full cycle recruiting allows candidates and recruiters to foster solid relationships and is also helpful in building a talent pool of passive candidates. Personalized communication with the recruiter and knowing who to reach out to during different stages of hiring makes a candidate feel more comfortable, creating an overall positive experience.

  1. Hiring Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Full cycle recruiters become experts in their field and understand the role requirements inside out. They can consult more accurately and know exactly what skills to look for in a candidate and where to source candidates speeding up the entire recruitment process. Delays in the hiring process can increase hiring costs, lowering recruiting efficiency. 360 recruitment consultants spend less time hiring for a role, significantly reducing chances of error while driving efficiencies in the process.

Having a single recruiter handling all phases of 360 recruitment helps remove bottlenecks and decreases the time to hire. Less time is wasted transitioning from one stage to the other as the same recruiter is involved.

360 Recruitment Advantages and Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Full Cycle Recruiting

  1. Time Management

There are a few cons to the 360 recruitment model, and one of them is time management. The recruitment industry is very challenging, and often time a recruiter may face time constraints managing everything together. They may be required to work extra hours to deal with both the clients and the candidates. With evolving recruitment technology, recruiters have a lot to do, from job posting across multiple online job boards to managing many social media platforms to source and screen candidates. All these activities can be challenging for a single full cycle recruiter to handle within a given time frame leading to delays or increased time to hire.

  1. Multitude of Skills

Finding a full cycle recruiter with a unique set of skills to perform different functions such as sourcing or evaluation can be challenging. It is not easy for the same person to carry out each stage of the full life cycle recruiting with equal aptitude and expertise. The quality of service and attention given to each task by the full cycle recruiter gets affected. Although there are a variety of tools available to support the recruitment process at each stage, it takes a lot of time and effort to train full cycle recruiters to use them. This is why many clients do not choose a full cycle recruitment model.

  1. Size of the Organization

It is not suitable for every size of an organization. It gets difficult for a single recruiter to handle the entire hiring process as the hiring requirements increase. One recruiter can take care of a certain number of candidates only at a given time. Once the requisition goes beyond that, the benefits of candidate experience and reduced time to hire can be mitigated.  Therefore, full cycle recruiting may be well suited for highly specialized roles and smaller organizations.

Full Cycle Recruiting Services

The recruitment industry has shifted from an employer-driven market to a candidate-driven market. Proactive sourcing and innovative strategies are crucial for attracting qualified candidates and utilizing the passive talent pool.

360 recruitment model, like every other model, has its pros and cons. But a highly skilled full cycle recruiter can help you overcome these challenges and bring the best candidates on board.

Connect with QX Global Group’s 360 recruitment consultants to learn more about how you can scale your staffing business and fulfill your clients’ hiring needs with our full cycle recruiting services.

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Originally published May 20, 2022 09:05:00, updated May 20 2022

Topics: 360 Recruitment, Full Cycle Recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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