Top 7 Reasons to Clean the ATS During an Economic Downturn

07 Dec 2020 | Tags: Recruitment, Recruitment Technology

An application tracking system or ATS, is a software used by recruiters and employers during the hir...

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9 Candidate Sourcing Tools To Set You Up For Recruitment Success

20 Nov 2020 | Tags: Candidate Sourcing, Recruitment Technology, Talent Acquisition

The function of sourcing varies from recruiter to recruiter; some function through the process of pl...

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Best Hiring Practices You can Learn from Liverpool FC Recruitment Model

30 Jul 2020 | Tags: Recruitment, Talent Advisory

Introduction To this day, most businesses still undermine the value of recruitment, training, and cu...

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CoVID Plan for Recruitment Businesses and the Importance of People Strategy in the New Normal: QX Interview with Kevin

13 May 2020 | Tags: Recruitment, Recruitment Industry News

Kevin Green is a globally recognised business leader. He has taken up several top management executi...

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CoVID-19 – Implications and BCP Guidance for Businesses

16 Apr 2020 | Tags: Recruitment Industry News, Talent Advisory

QXRPO · CoVID-19 – Implications and BCP Guidance for Businesses! A transcript of the podcast ...

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4 Passive Candidate Sourcing Best Practices You Can Start Today

02 Mar 2020 | Tags: Candidate Sourcing, Talent Acquisition, Talent Advisory, Talent Management

Getting active candidates is easy! I can easily access copious amounts of talent from job portals an...

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Interviewing Ian Knowlson – Skills Shortages, AI, and Recruitment

07 Feb 2020 | Tags: Recruitment, Recruitment Industry News, Recruitment Technology

QX Global Group RPO service division has been working on using RPA to optimise the core business pro...

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New Year Resolutions to Achieve Recruitment Success in 2020

09 Jan 2020 | Tags: Recruitment

What is the one thing that we do every New Year? We set new resolutions to improve ourselves. Lose w...

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