The purpose of the Board is to be ultimately responsible for the business strategy and the financial robustness of the Group. They are required to monitor performance and establish a governance structure and practices which facilitate effective decision making and good governance.

To enable the members of the Board to discharge these responsibilities, they have full and timely access to all relevant information and attend regular Board meetings. All Directors are shareholders in the business, and have allocated sufficient time to the Group to discharge their responsibilities effectively.

Chris Robinson

Executive Chairman & Founder

Chris Robinson, Executive Chairman of QX Global Group, founded the company in 2003 in Skipton, North Yorkshire...

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Frank Robinson

Group Chief Executive Officer

Frank Robinson joined QX Global Group in January 2019 as Group Commercial Director, having previously held sen...

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Snehal Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Snehal Patel, a Chartered Accountant has over 15 years of exposure in multi-cultural environments spearheading...

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Mahesh Jain 

CEO – F&A and RPO divisions

Mahesh is an industry veteran with 18+ years of experience in the field, and one of the very first employees o...

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Akhilesh Pandey

Chief Customer Officer

Akhilesh has over 18 years of experience in the BPM industry in various management positions and, as the Chief...

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Pom Chakravarti  

Chief Strategy Officer

Pom is a management graduate with specialisation in marketing and finance and has over 15 years of industry ri...

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